Doug Draa has revived WEIRDBOOK — the publisher is Wildside Press.  I am accepting retail orders, but bookstores should purchase it directly from Wildside.

Issues # 31 through #40 are currently available, with many more issues planned.  The first Weirdbook Annual is out:  it's called WITCHES.  There so many in print that I don't even have them all.  (I haven't kept up too well since my accident.)

You may purchase any of these from at $11 each plus $4.00 shipping by media mail in the US.  As usual, just order directly from me at wpaulg@aol — I will then bill you by PAYPAL.  Get any three current issues for $31.00 + $5.00 for shipping in the US.   (If you want the eBooks, you will have to go to another source, such as Amazon or Wildside Press.)  Or go to my eBay store!


REMINDER:  I have copies of CTHULHU'S COUSINS AND OTHER WEIRDNESSES by that crazy guy, W. Paul Ganley...  see the Home page for details!

Please note that WEIRDBOOK 11 and WEIRDBOOK 19 are both OUT OF PRINT (5/1/19)   

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