12-18 & 20-30 

All cover prices have been changed to $4 each except double issue #23/24 which is $8. Trade discounts are based on these prices.

  Of course these prices do not include shipping charges.                            

But there is a special price on a complete set (12-18 & 20-30):                             $42.00 (+ 


shipping in the US).



[NOTE:  This offer is good as long as the issues remain in print.                                              

I do not intend to reprint issues 11-30 in future.]                                                         

Shipping charges for all items are the actual cost of shipping, whether in the US or abroad.

Please note that there is a hard cover limited edition of issue 23/24 which retailed for $30....

     BUT.... I am now offering the remaining hard cover copies for $20 each + shipping ($5.00 for 1 copy in the US by media mail).

Below please find a general description of each issue available.

Note:  complete information on these issues is available at the following website:

• • WB 30 combined with WHISPERS. This final issue of WB (shared with Stuart Schiff's celebrated WHISPERS) includes fiction by Darrell Schweitzer, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Ardath Mayhar, Cyril Binder, Brian McNaughton, John Maclay, and John Gregory Betancourt. "Whispers" has fiction by Joseph Payne Brennan, Hugh B. Cave, Ken Wisman, Avram Davidson, Chet Williamson, and David Drake. Artists include Lee Brown Coye, Stephen E. Fabian, and numerous others.  

••   WB 29: Peter Tremayne, Schweitzer,  McNaughton, D. F. Lewis, Gerald W Page, Salmonson, Jessica Palmer, others.  

••  WB 28: McNaughton, Schweitzer, Tremayne, Salmonson, Maclay, John Alfred Taylor, Palmer and others. Covers by Fabian, Pianfetti, Michaels, Werner. .  

••  WB 27: Schweitzer and Jason Van Hollander,  Philip Haldeman, Jeffrey Goddin, John Brizzolara, Scott Edelman, Ellen Knight, Douglas Russell,  Brian Lumley. Covers by Fabian. Price:   

••  WB 26:  Lumley, Schweitzer;  Kevin J. Anderson, Joe R. Lansdale, Ardath Mayhar, Diane Mapes, McNaughton, Salmonson, Olga Cabral, others. Price:   

••  WB 25: Schweitzer; Lumley; Peter C. Smith; Tremayne; Anderson, Mayhar, Salmonson, others.   

••  WB 23/24: 20th-year anniversary double issue. DAGON'S BELL by Lumley, WORM OF URAKHU (a "Simon of Gitta" tale), by Richard Tierney,  Joseph Payne Brennan,  Robert D. San Souci, Page, Adrian Cole, Al Sarrantonio, Delia Sherman, Lee Barwood, Salmonson, Steven G. Mitchell, Schweitzer, John Brizzolara, McNaughton, Janet Fox, R. E. Klein, & Betancourt. 128 pp. (hard cover ed., $30).  

••  WB 22: Charles R. Saunders, Page, Lumley,  Schweitzer; Janet Fox. Cover by FABIAN .   

••  WB 21: Lumley, Tierney and Robert M. Price, Lansdale and Mayhar, Schweitzer, Paul Quinn, Salmonson, Linda Miller Esler, M. T. Bower.  

••  WB 20:  Lumley, Tremayne, J. W. Hjort, Ramsey Campbell, Schweitzer, J N Williamson, J A Taylor, Susannah Bates.   

••  WB 19 OUT OF PRINT -- find it from some rare-book dealer; I'm out of them!!!!!

Gramma, novelet by Stephen King,  Something Almost as Good, by Gerald W. Page; The Ghost-Winder, by Janet Fox; The End of the Yarn, by Steve Rasnic Tem; The Face in the Glass, by Ardath Mayhar; That Dead Men Rise Up Never, by Darrell Schweitzer; With A Bat, by Jessica Amanda Salmonson; Mrs. Finlay's Circle, by E. S. Faragher; Leitmotif, by J. N. Williamson; The Dragons of Mons Fractus, novelet by Richard L. Tierney.  The first and last tales are Cthulhu Mythos related stories.  Covers by Stephen E. Fabian and Victoria Poyser.  Other artists featured are Dave Carson, Allen Koszowski, Jean Corbin, Tony Patrick, Mark Bell, James William Hjort, and Jim Garrison.  Poems by Joseph Payne Brennan and others.

••  WB 18: Schweitzer, Tremayne, Williamson, Lumley, Terry Greenhough, Jeffrey Goddin, Page, Paul Collins, John A. Taylor, Al Sarrantonio, Lee Barwood. 

••  WB 17: Lumley, Schweitzer,  "Edmund Shirlan," Steve Rasnic Tem, Salmonson, Carolyn White.  

••  WB 16:  Lumley,  "Edmund Shirlan,"  Fox,  J. W. Hjort, Basil Wells, Scott Home, Schweitzer, Colin Saxton.  

••  WB 15: H. Warner Munn, Lumley; Thomas G. Lyman; Schweitzer, Gerald W. Page, Michael Avallone, Lee Barwood, Dennis Etchison, Salmonson, Home, Kanemann & Tredinnick, Eddy C. Bertin.   

••  WB 14:  Cole, Tanith Lee,  Page, Schweitzer, Dennis Etchison, Bertin, Daphne Castell, Scott Home, Charles Grant, Grant Carrington, Andrew Offut and Richard Lyon.  

••   WB 13: The 10th-year anniversary issue.  Michael Bishop, Schweitzer, Munn, Lumley, Charles R. Saunders, Eddy C. Bertin, Daphne Castell, Basil Wells, Kanemann & Tredinnick. Long poem by R. E. Howard. 100 pp.   

••  WB 12: L. Sprague de Camp, Munn, Fox, Schweitzer, Bertin, Basil Wells, Home, Collins, Hjort, J. R. Christopher, Kanemann & Tredinnick, Sires.  




Most of these are now out of print renin the xerox copy edition!

Issues 1-10 are out of print in the original version, but are available as xerox copies, mostly two-sided although a couple are one-sided (32 pages per issue).  Individual copies are priced at $4 each, but the 10-issue set is available at $30 + $5 shipping.   Copies are initialled by me and numbered. 

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